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PT.  DAYA BARA NUSANTARA  has strongly established its beliefs and attributes in order to achieve the highest standards of company governance. The same standards that for years have brought the group to numerous success stories in the past, presence, and definitely in the future

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Our Story

It all began with BINAKARYA PROPERTINDO GROUP, one of the biggest and most successful property developers with over 25 years of experience. Over the years BINAKARYA PROPERTINDO GROUP has gained trust and support from the Indonesian Public, thanks to many years of commitment and successful developments.

BPG group has innate ability to analyze the growing market in order to maintain strong company existence and competitiveness as a responsible Property Developer in the over-crowded market. Since its establishment on rd 3 February 1994, BPG has proven to be a major player in the Indonesian Property Development World.

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Leading Energy Producer

To become a leading energy producer with sustainable growth through coal mining in Indonesia with high business ethics, professionalism and to provide strong employee benefit, community development and preservation of nature


Improve Operations and Developments

To constantly improve operations and developments in order to provide high quality products and services for our customers. To efficiently and constantly improve employee skills, systems, and infrastructure through innovation, integrity, care, and company synergy. To broaden the field of work and investments through coal mining and constantly strengthening the company presence in the marketplace To actively take part in community developments and contribute to the economy with responsibility and good citizenship

Our Works. One of the biggest and most successful property developers with over 25 years of experience

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With relentless pursuit of visions and dreams, DABARA has grown from a small company to be a maker of dreams and with its strong company responsibility, business ethics and perseverance, DABARA have completed many multi-million-dollar projects

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Sangat menyenangkan bekerja bersama dengan tim PT. Daya Bara Nusantara untuk beberapa proyek  kami. Mereka adalah sekelompok  kreatif tetapi disiplin dan profesional. Kami harap dapat bekerja bersama mereka dalam lebih banyak konsep!


Ini adalah proyek pertama saya dengan PT Daya Bara Nusantara. Tim yang solid, ide yang bagus dan respon yang cepat. Pertahankan semuanya!

Handoyo Eko Wirawan , (CEO Ultima Consulting)

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